Half-Day Tours

Coffee tour
Take a walk through a coffee plantation and learn about the different steps of the coffee making process. Participate in the preparations, singing and dancing, and enjoy a cup of homemade coffee.

Marisha river
Walk through the coffee and banana farms of Mulala village down to the scenic Marisha riverbank. Enjoy the tropical vegetation and home of colorful birds and primates.

Mulala village walk
Enjoy the rural setting of Mulala village. Walk through a maze of lush, green vegetation and visit coffee and banana farms.

Agape women traditional activities
Visit traditional farms and learn about the various economic activities of Mulala village; Cheese and bread making, flower seeds and chili growing, honey harvesting from traditional beehives and sewing.

Meru Forest Reserve trek
Take a walk in the forest reserve and climb up to the foot of Mount Meru peak. Enjoy nature and many species of birds and monkeys.

Full-Day Tours

A combination of tours listed above
Combine any of half-day tours listed above.

Lemeka Hills hike
Head up to Lemeka hills for a breathtaking view of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. Visit a traditional healer and learn about the Meru tribe’s history. Enjoy a walk through the Meru forest to the Marisha river.

**For overnight stay we provide a space for camping or homestay.